My Favorite Ikea Finds That Look Expensive

My Favorite Ikea Finds That Look Expensive

IKEA is such a great resource for budget-friendly furniture and decor. I rely on pieces from the brand to fill my apartment — in fact, I just ordered a few new things! I found myself clicking through the site looking for baskets, clothing racks, and lighting, and couldn’t stop. Here’s a list of 11 of my favorite IKEA finds, just for you, and almost every single one is available online! The best part? Put down the toolbox… no IKEA hacks necessary!

When shopping IKEA, I typically look for accessories like lighting and chairs that can be easily moved and restyled in different rooms as their purpose changes.  For example, a woven pendant light can find its place in any room. It’s a neutral element that adds texture and warmth. Most IKEA shelving is spacious, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. This IKEA bookshelf can be used unconventionally as a built-in shoe rack for your closet. These IKEA belly baskets are a great way to hide less-attractive bathroom necessities from stealing the spotlight. (We use it at home to hide toilet paper!)

And, so it’s clear, I did not use affiliate links and this is not a sponsored post!

My Favorite Ikea Finds That Look Expensive

Seagrass Belly Basket // Black + Glass Shelf // White Armchair // Metal Pendant Light // Woven Pendant Light // Jute Rug // Black Gallery Frame // Pouf // White Shelf // Lidded Woven Baskets // Storage Basket

Do you like this kind of product roundup from home stores in Switzerland? Would you want me to add more of my favorite IKEA finds? Let me know, and leave me a note in the comments!

Top photo via Studio 85 By Casaromani et Conscience.

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